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It’s rare to find a dentist in the Becket, MA area who offers 24 hour services, and who also has the expertise and availability to treat as many types of dental emergencies. Our professionals have the knowledge to treat avulsed teeth (teeth that have been knocked out), lost fillings or crowns, and cracked, broken, dislodged or loose teeth as soon as an accident or emergency occurs.

Accidents happen, and knowing what to do when one occurs can mean the difference between saving and losing a tooth. When you have a dental emergency, it’s important to visit your dentist or an emergency room as soon as possible. Your smile is the most important thing you’ll ever wear, and the first thing that many people notice about you. It’s not something that you want to leave in the hands of anyone but the best. We treat every one of our patients like a member of our family. We’ll take the time to listen and understand your specific case and explain every procedure to your satisfaction.



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When experiencing a toothache, as you might already know it isn’t a great feeling. The pain can come on by surprise and may vary from mild to severe throbbing. Pain lasting more than a day or two should require a visit to your dentist because left untreated can lead to something more severe down the road.

Pain is your body’s signal that something is wrong. It also means that it may be time to seek treatment for a known dental issue you may have been postponing. Our dentists will see you immediately if you are having a dental emergency, even if you are not currently one of our patients. Contact us today to find yourself an emergency dental office in 01223 that is open today, don’t put off emergency dentistry treatment any longer.

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